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Cucullia convexipennis

Ottawa (Dunrobin), ON Canada

15 August 2004   (moth captured on the night of 12 August 2004)
All three photos are of the same specimen.

Cucullia convexipennis is one of six species of Cucullia that have been recorded from the Ottawa area (J.D. Lafontaine, pers.comm., 2001).

Cucullia convexipennis has the long narrow wings typical of its genus.  The forewing is a pale yellowish straw color, streaked with reddish brown, tan and gray, especially along the outer half of the costa and along the outer half of the inner margin.  The antemedial and postmedial lines are not evident, except for a short remnant of the pm line crossing the brown shaded area at the inner margin. One thin streak extends most of the length of the center of the wing.  The orbicular and reniform spots are not marked.  A black anal dash extends from the remnant of the pm line to the outer margin.  The abdomen is reddish brown, with protruding scale tufts that can be seen in the bottom right photo.  The hindwing is dirty white.  According to Covell (1984), the wingspan is 4 to 5 cm.

The larvae of Cucullia convexipennis feed on the flowers of some species of aster and goldenrod (Handfield, 1999).  Handfield notes a flight season from early July to late August for my general area.

My records to date for observing Cucullia convexipennis (each date representing "the night of") are in the table below:

Month 0102030405060708091011 121314151617181920 2122232425262728293031
August 1213

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