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Nola cilicoides

Ottawa (Dunrobin), ON Canada

14 July 2003   9:35PM EDT  (left)
7 July 2003   9:59PM EDT  (right)

Nola cilicoides is one of three species of Nola recorded from the Ottawa area, two of which are illustrated on this web site.

The forewing of Nola cilicoides is white.  There are several brushy white scale tufts protruding in a row near the costa in the basal and median areas, as well as another white scale tuft protruding from the thorax.  The postmedial line is gray-brown, with varying amounts of brown shading along its inside edge in the median.  The pm line curves outward around the brownish reniform spot, from which a prominent tuft of black metallic scales protrudes.  The subterminal line is brownish with diffuse brown shading along its inside edge.  In the photo at left, one can also see a small dark scale tuft protruding just at the center of the base of the thorax.  The hindwing is whitish, lightly shaded with grayish brown.  Covell (1983) gives a wingspan of 1.7 to 1.8 cm for this species.

The larvae of Nola cilicoides are reported to feed on fringed loosestrife (Steironema ciliatum or Lysimachia ciliata) (Rings et al., 1992).  Handfield (1999) indicates an adult flight season from late June to early August for my general area.

I have recorded this species in 2000, on 14 and 23 July; in 2001, on 26 June; in 2002, on 4, 5, 6, 12 and 30 July; in 2003, on 30 June, and on 7, 11, 14 and 23 July.

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