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Hypena baltimoralis (Bomolocha baltimoralis)

Ottawa (Dunrobin), ON Canada

22 June 2003   9:29PM EDT  (top)
21 June 2003   11:40PM EDT  (bottom left)
29 June 2003   10:48PM EDT  (bottom right)

Hypena baltimoralis is one of about 10 species of Hypena recorded from the Ottawa area.

The forewing of Hypena baltimoralis is grayish brown.  Covell (1983) indicates that the ground color has a whitish tint in the female, but that the whitish tint is often absent in the male.  The rich dark brown patch in the median begins right at the "shoulder" and extends to the postmedial line, but it does not touch the inner margin, where the ground colour runs right from the thorax to the anal angle.  The postmedial line is wavy and whitish, and makes a prominent rounded right angle bend just above the inner margin before it intersects with the light brown streak down the inner margin.  The subterminal area is mostly of the ground color, marked by a blackish brown dash near the apex.  Covell indicates a wingspan from 2.6 to 3.2 cm.

Hypena baltimoralis can be distinguished from the similar Hypena manalis (Hodges 8441) by noting the following differences: the dark brown medial patch in H. baltimoralis has a wavy outer edge and begins right at the "shoulder", whereas in H. manalis, the outer edge of this patch is smoothly curved, and the patch begins well outside the point of attachment of the wing.

Hypena baltimoralis is also similar to the female of Hypena bijugalis (Hodges 8443), but H. bijugalis has a much straighter postmedial line located farther from the outer margin and with a single sharp tooth.

The larvae of Hypena baltimoralis feed on maples, especially red maple (Acer rubrum) (Covell, 1983; Handfield, 1999).  Handfield indicates two generations per year for my general area, with adult flight seasons from early May nearly to mid-July, and from mid-July into the second half of September.

I have recorded this species in 2000, on 22 July; in 2001, on 16, 21, 24 and 25 May, and on 1, 4 and 26 June; in 2002, on 27 May, on 8 and 17 June, and on 15 and 28 July; in 2003, on 28 May, on 6, 16, 21, 22 and 29 June, on 10 July, and on 10 August; in 2004, on 23 May.

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